A New Place of Interaction about Art

The new building at the Kulturforum will be a place of encounter. Of course as a museum, it should provide ideal spaces for art and for viewing art. At the same time, the immediate experience of art, exchanging views on art, and everyday encounters will all be tightly interwoven here. The new museum building will be an identity-building place for our pluralistic, tolerant 21st century society.

“The museum of today is a place of social inquiry. It is a place of living dialog, a place that makes it possible to experience the creative potential of a specific time – for a broad audience, with reference to contemporary lifeworlds. But a museum has to reinvent itself over and over again. It is many things at the same time: backward- and forward-looking, poetical, experimental, social, emotional, independent.”

Udo Kittelmann,
Director of the Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin)

Information, Irritation and Interaction

The new museum building will be a vibrant meeting place for a broad, international public. As far as the Kulturforum is concerned, in many ways the new building can become a center where various existing strands of knowledge and subject matter run together. Experiencing original works of art intensively will continue to be the museum’s focal point; in the digital age, this function even acquires special significance. But cultural and socio-historical contexts must be incorporated into the experience. In this sense, the new building will also make it possible to offer interdisciplinary platforms.

20th century art is primarily marked by major ruptures and extremes, which were caused by the two World Wars and the Holocaust, for example. At the same time, art after 1960 was characterized by great openness, love of experimentation and provocation.

Accordingly, the new building at the Kulturforum will also be a place of contradiction, a place of irritation and of the non-conform.

Recollection and self-questioning can take place here – within the context of art – for people of different generations and origins. Archived materials and documentations will accompany and intensify the art experience and discourse, just as examples from music and film history or live performances and artistic reenactments will. The new building’s innovative diversity of spaces and exhibitions will reflect the spectrum of various media and genres in 20th century art and the way they overlap. Areas for participation, interaction and information will supplement the exhibition spaces and make moments of introspection, playful learning and rest possible.